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Hello and welcome to my portfolio page! Below you can find a reel of some social media videos I made, my animation reel as well as game projects that I've worked on. I love to be a part of a passionate and creative team. Feel free to get in touch! My contact details can be found on my resume:

Social Media Reel

Below is a sample of some of the videos I made while working at Rose City Games for TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.

Animation Reel

Game Projects

Our latest cooperative board game where you play as a cute critter trying to eat all of the food before your family stops you! The game was successfully Kickstarted and is in production. Currently available on Tabletopia!

Game Pictures-01.png

Our latest card game where you play as a bunny and team up with a neighbor to try and decorate for a party. The game was successfully Kickstarted and is for sale! Also available to play online on Tabletopia.

Game Pictures-03.png

Our first fully produced card game where you try to get rid of your hand of junk before everyone else! The game was successfully Kickstarted and is currently for sale.

Game Pictures-05.png

Squiggle Park is an educational game that helps kids learn to read. I did animations of the cute monsters and helped wire them up to be used in Unity as well as some of the UI designs for menus.

Game Pictures-02.png

Never Give Up is a twitch platformer where you run, jump and most importantly dodge obstacles over a series of levels that slowly iterate as you go. I did level design work on the game and crafted over 150 levels in total!

Game Pictures-04.png

An old web game where you have to eat the food in the right order and use their special powerups to solve puzzles. This is one of my first completed game projects so it's rough around the edges but is still important to me.

Game Pictures-06.png

Interested in working together? Feel free to reach out!

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