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The Big Pig Game

The Big Pig Game

Welcome to the world of Big Pig! Here a bunch of cute and hungry critters live in a house with their family.


The family has left for the day. This is the perfect chance to raid the kitchen! Help Big Pig and friends eat all of the delicious food in this cooperative game for 1-4 piggies! If the family comes back before the food is eaten, they’ll surely stop the feast. Got to make it quick!


This Box Contains:
  - 10 Characters to play as
  - 3 Meals to devour
  - 5 Decks totaling 129 cards
  - 25 Tokens
  - Game board
  - Instruction booklet
  - 4 Round reminder cards


See more info, our how-to-play video and reviews on our Big Pig Game page!

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